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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
.. _docs-manifold:


We define an abstract bounded, connected and contractible
computational domain (manifold) by calling ``ph.manifold`` method,

    .. autofunction:: src.manifold.manifold

A common call is

>>> manifold = ph.manifold(2)

The output, ``manifold``, is an instance of :class:`Manifold`. It is abstract at this stage because we do not
specify any exact parameters, for example size and shape, of it.

    .. autoclass:: src.manifold.Manifold
        :members: m, n

import sys

if './' not in sys.path:

from tools.frozen import Frozen
from src.config import get_embedding_space_dim
from src.config import _manifold_default_sym_repr
from src.config import _check_sym_repr
from src.config import _parse_lin_repr
from src.config import _manifold_default_lin_repr
from src.config import _manifold_partition_lin_repr

_global_manifolds = dict()  # all manifolds are cached, and all sym_repr and lin_repr are different.

[docs] def manifold( ndim, sym_repr=None, lin_repr=None, is_periodic=False ): """Generate an abstract manifold. It is actually a wrapper of the ``__init__`` method of :class:`Manifold`. Parameters ---------- ndim : int The dimensions of the manifold. It must be lower than or equal to dimensions of the embedding space. sym_repr : {None, str}, optional The symbolic representation of the manifold. If it is ``None``, we will use a pre-set symbolic representation. The default is ``None``. lin_repr : {None, str}, optional The linguistic representation of the manifold. If it is ``None``, we will use a pre-set linguistic representation. The default is ``None``. is_periodic : bool, optional If this is set to ``True``, the manifold is a periodic. Otherwise, it is not periodic. The default is ``True``. Returns ------- manifold : :class:`Manifold` The abstract manifold instance. """ return Manifold(ndim, sym_repr=sym_repr, lin_repr=lin_repr, is_periodic=is_periodic)
[docs] class Manifold(Frozen): def __init__( self, ndim, sym_repr=None, lin_repr=None, is_periodic=False, # means fully periodic # add other representations here. ): """""" embedding_space_ndim = get_embedding_space_dim() assert ndim % 1 == 0 and 0 <= ndim <= embedding_space_ndim, \ f"manifold ndim={ndim} is wrong. Is should be an integer and be in range [0, {embedding_space_ndim}]. " \ f"You change change the dimensions of the embedding space using function 'config.set_embedding_space_dim'." self._ndim = ndim if sym_repr is None: base_repr = _manifold_default_sym_repr number_existing_manifolds = len(_global_manifolds) if number_existing_manifolds == 0: sym_repr = base_repr else: sym_repr = base_repr + r'_{' + str(number_existing_manifolds) + '}' else: pass sym_repr = _check_sym_repr(sym_repr) if lin_repr is None: base_repr = _manifold_default_lin_repr number_existing_manifolds = len(_global_manifolds) if number_existing_manifolds == 0: lin_repr = base_repr else: lin_repr = base_repr + str(number_existing_manifolds) assert sym_repr not in _global_manifolds, \ f"Manifold symbolic representation is illegal, pls specify a symbolic representation other than " \ f"{set(_global_manifolds.keys())}" for _ in _global_manifolds: _m = _global_manifolds[_] assert lin_repr != _m._lin_repr lin_repr, pure_lin_repr = _parse_lin_repr('manifold', lin_repr) self._sym_repr = sym_repr self._lin_repr = lin_repr self._pure_lin_repr = pure_lin_repr _global_manifolds[sym_repr] = self assert isinstance(is_periodic, bool), f"is_periodic must be bool type." self._is_periodic = is_periodic self._udg = None # if it has an udg_repr representation. self._boundary = None self._inclusion = None # not None for boundary manifold. Will be set when initialize a boundary manifold. self._sub_manifolds = { # the sub-manifolds of the same dimensions. Using sym_repr as cache key. self._sym_repr: self } self._partitions = { '0': (self, ) } self._covered_by_mesh = None # if we have generated an abstract mesh for it, return the mesh self._freeze() @property def esd(self): return get_embedding_space_dim() @property def m(self): """The dimensions of the embedding space.""" return self.esd @property def ndim(self): return self._ndim @property def n(self): """The dimensions of the manifold.""" return self.ndim @property def udg(self): return self._udg def is_periodic(self): """""" return self._is_periodic def __repr__(self): """""" super_repr = super().__repr__().split('object')[-1] return f'<Manifold {self._sym_repr}' + super_repr # this must be unique. def boundary(self, sym_repr=None): if self._boundary is None: if self.ndim == 0: return NullManifold('Null') elif self.is_periodic(): return NullManifold(self.ndim-1) else: if sym_repr is None: sym_repr = r'\partial' + self._sym_repr self._boundary = Manifold( self.ndim-1, sym_repr=sym_repr, lin_repr=f'boundary-of-{self._pure_lin_repr}', is_periodic=True, ) self._boundary._inclusion = self return self._boundary def inclusion(self): """""" return self._inclusion def cap(self, other, sym_repr=None): raise NotImplementedError() def interface(self, other, sym_repr=None): raise NotImplementedError() def partition(self, *submanifolds_sym_repr, config_name=None): """partition of the manifold.""" for sym_repr in submanifolds_sym_repr: assert isinstance(sym_repr, str), f"please put sym_repr of partitions in str." num_of_partitions = len(submanifolds_sym_repr) assert num_of_partitions >= 2 and num_of_partitions % 2 == 0, f"I need a integer >= 2." partitions = tuple() for i in range(num_of_partitions): sym_repr = submanifolds_sym_repr[i] if sym_repr in self._sub_manifolds: pass else: j = len(self._sub_manifolds) while 1: lin_repr = self._pure_lin_repr + _manifold_partition_lin_repr + f'{str(j)}' occupied = False for _sub_sym_repr in self._sub_manifolds: if lin_repr == self._sub_manifolds[_sub_sym_repr]: occupied = True else: pass if occupied: j += 1 else: break self._sub_manifolds[sym_repr] = Manifold( self.ndim, sym_repr=sym_repr, lin_repr=lin_repr, ) partitions += (self._sub_manifolds[sym_repr],) if config_name is None: i = len(self._partitions) while 1: if str(i) not in self._partitions: break else: i += 1 config_name = str(i) else: pass partitions_set = set(partitions) existing = False existing_config = None for existing_config in self._partitions: existing_partitions = set(self._partitions[existing_config]) if partitions_set == existing_partitions: existing = True break if existing: return self._partitions[existing_config] else: self._partitions[config_name] = partitions return partitions def _manifold_text(self): """generate text for printing representations.""" return rf'In ${self._sym_repr}\subset\mathbb' + '{R}^{' + str(get_embedding_space_dim()) + '}$, '
class NullManifold(Frozen): """""" def __init__(self, ndim): """""" self._ndim = ndim self._freeze() @property def ndim(self): """""" return self._ndim if __name__ == '__main__': # python src/ import __init__ as ph m1 = ph.manifold(3) m0 = m1.boundary() print(m0, m0.inclusion())