The documentations are presented in a manner reflecting the flow of a phyem simulation. Jupyter notebooks 🪐 and Gallery🖼 are complementary to them.


A most complete phyem simulation would start with inputs defining a problem as a bond graph. However, the bond graph class, as well as its interface to the PDE class, is not implemented yet. As a compromise, the current documentation illustrates a problem defining through the PDE class.

The bond graph class and its interface to the PDE class are key for the LEGO-like feature of phyem. Since they are missing now, this feature is not realized for the time being.

Below we present documentations pf phyem. They demonstrate a phyem simulation for a linear port-Hamiltonian problem. It services as a good clue to understand the overall skeleton of a phyem simulation. Examples for other problems can be found in Jupyter notebooks 🪐 and Gallery🖼. Nevertheless, we recommend users to start with below documentations no matter which type of problem you are targeting at.

More examples can be found at Jupyter notebooks 🪐 and Gallery🖼.

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